Report: Syria cut off from the Internet once again

Cyber warfare takes center stage in Syria once again as traffic from the country seems to have dropped off the charts.


Syria experienced a significant drop in traffic starting on Tuesday evening, prompting speculation of an Internet blackout in the region, according to Umbrella Security Labs.

The predictive security research firm reported that OpenDNS resolvers saw a sharp drop in both inbound and outbound traffic from the war-torn country starting at approximately 6:45PM UTC.

In more direct terms, researchers remarked, "on closer inspection it seems Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet."

Syria has repeatedly experienced Internet "blackouts" over the course of the last few years . Some of the incidents have been brief ( less than an hour ).

Back in November, the blackout lasted approximately two days , effectively cutting off the nation from the rest of the world .

In that case, both sides pointed fingers at each other as to whom was responsible. The regime of president Bashar al-Assad claimed that terrorists were "cutting cables."

But internet monitoring firm Renesys retorted the way in which Syria came back online suggested otherwise, but refrained from an accusation based on a lack of proper data.

Chart via Umbrella Security Labs