Amazon shipment missing? 6 ways to reduce the odds of stolen packages

Over four out of five Americans have been victims of -- or are worried about -- package theft. And these times of the week and hot spot areas are the most vulnerable.

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It is alarming how many packages do not get to their intended destination. Almost three out of four packages are stolen during the day from outside the house whilst the homeowner is at work. Alarmingly, over one in five (22%) package thefts happen while the homeowner is actually home.

A whopping 11 million people in the US alone are victims of package theft each year with an average of 2.6 packages stolen valued at an average of $140 per package.

New report maps residential package theft across US zdnet

Fridays at noon are the most common time for porch pirates to strike. In 2018, 68,684 claims were made for packages stolen on a Friday alone.

Tech-forward, wealthy cities are the most prone to theft. San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, and Portland top the list for package thefts across the country.

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Amazon lockers are proliferating in urban areas and are situated in train stations, shopping complexes and town centers. But this does not solve the problem if you live in a rural area.

Now, a new reporting tool from lets people report package theft, view package-theft hotspots and trends, and contribute to a safer local community.

The company recommends the following tips to reduce your chance of having your packages stolen:

  1. Give explicit delivery instructions to hide packages out-of-sight.
  2. Have Amazon packages delivered straight to your car with Amazon Key.
  3. Install a video doorbell camera.
  4. Have your package shipped to a relative, trusted neighbor, P.O. box, or your local Amazon Locker.
  5. Invest in a parcel locker or anti-theft package box for your entryway.
  6. Contribute to helping keep your neighborhood safe by reporting a package theft if, and when, it occurs.

Unfortunately package theft can happen to anyone. If you have already fallen victim to package theft, it can happen again -- and again.

Investing in a video doorbell or video security system might identify the local thief and you can try to get the police to investigate -- but if the package is placed in plain sight by your front door, visible on the street -- perhaps the temptation might be too much for some.

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