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Research: 92 percent are interested in wearables

The future of wearables in the enterprise was the subject of the latest Tech Pro Research survey. Find out who is using these devices, and how.

Wearable technology isn't a new concept, but it has received increased attention in the past few years as new products have arrived on the market following technology advances such as longer battery life and smaller, lower-power processors.

Tech Pro Research explored the use of wearables in the enterprise in an April 2014 survey. The survey showed that many in business are familiar with wearables: as outlined in the report that covered the survey's findings, Wearables in business: Deployment plans, anticipated benefits and adoption roadblocks, 42 percent of respondents reported moderate to strong exposure to wearables, while another 50 percent said that while they hadn't seen wearables in action, they'd been tracking the topic.

TPR wearables familiarity
92 percent of respondents are familiar with, or seeking more information on, wearable devices.

Although there has been plenty of exposure to wearables among respondents, only 11 percent said their organizations are using, implementing, or allocating budget for the future use of wearables. Another 25 percent said they are planning to implement but haven't established a budget, and a whopping 64 percent reported no interest or plans to deploy wearables.

TPR deployment wearables
Only 11 percent of survey respondents have implemented wearables at work.

Healthcare is the industry with the most deployment of wearables, with 54 percent of respondents reporting that they're either using wearable technology, in the midst of implementing, or planning to implement. The business services/consulting, IT and technology, and education sectors also showed strong interest in wearables, with organizations either already using them, currently implementing, or planning to implement.

TPR use of wearables
The healthcare industry is the leading implementer of wearables.

For those not using the devices, an oft-cited reason for not using wearables in the enterprise was "no business need". Other respondents said they're not using wearables because they are unsure of the value they bring, as well as security and privacy concerns.

Although estimates vary, wearable technology is obviously a growing industry, with Juniper Research predicting that worldwide spending on wearable technology will reach $19 billion by 2018.  Vendors can learn from Tech Pro Research's survey about what the enterprise needs from wearables before they will be implemented in business. Improving security and privacy, better explaining the benefits, and finding ways to allow wearables to improve productivity and deliver greater information access will be key to the evolving role of wearables in the enterprise.

Download Tech Pro Research's full report - Wearables in business: Deployment plans, anticipated benefits and adoption roadblocks.

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