Research outlet releases its picks for top tech trends (infographic)

Expert insight from G+ reinforces the rise of everything social, mobile, and cloud as well as some likely new twists from emerging technologies in 2012.

Group buying services such as Groupon and LivingSocial were the top technology trend of 2011 according to business Q&A site G+, a new offering from New York-based Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.

Other top trends highlighted by the firm include geolocation -- or location-based -- apps like those from companies such as FacebookFoursquare and Google as well as the fast-growing segment for tablet computers like the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Cloud-based productivity applications and online video for the enterprise round out the top five followed by online Q&A (community information sharing), crowdfunding, and mobile photo sharing.

In terms of what’s most likely to gain momentum in 2012, G+ sees a continued big data boom as well as more Internet TV and the rapid rise of mobile commerce.

Check out the infographic from G+ and leave a comment below.

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G+ Tech Trends and Forecast


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