Reserve Bank seeks new CIO

The Reserve Bank of Australia is on the look out for a new chief information officer.
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The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is on the look-out for a new chief information officer (CIO).

Reserve Bank of Australia

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According to an advertisement for the role, published in the Australian Financial Review this morning, the CIO will lead the RBA's Systems and Technology Department.

The RBA is responsible for setting Australia's interest rates, which are used as a measure to control inflation. Although the banks have recently ignored the RBA's advice on cutting interest rates, the first Tuesday of every month is the busiest for the bank's website, with everyone logging on to see what the RBA has decided. In addition to this, the RBA is responsible for the cash transactions, between the banks and other financial institutions, in excess of $160 billion a day, as of 2007.

The CIO will oversee the department's staff in developing and supporting the bank's critical IT infrastructure and systems. The most recent head of this department was Michael Hogan.

Applications are open until 18 May 2012.

Updated at 1:18pm, 4 May 2012: Amended to reflect that the last head of the department was Michael Hogan, not John Wightman.

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