Responding to censorship, hackers plan to send their own satellites into space

The plan is to launch hacker satellites into space.

Well, you can protest Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) online, or work on ways around the planned censorship of the Internet.

That's what one hacker group is doing anyway. According to the BBC, Hackerspace Global Grid wants to launch its own satellite into space.

The plan was unveiled at the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin. Speaking for the group Nick Farr called for help in sending low cost satellites into space.

"The first goal is an uncensorable internet in space. Let's take the internet out of the control of terrestrial entities,"the BBC reported Farr saying.

In order for the plan to work, the group will have to figure out how to track the satellites once it launches in space. By mid-2012, the group wants to have three prototype ground stations ready, MSNBC reports.

The combination of the threat of censorship and the dropping costs of sending satellites into space make these hacker dreams pretty well grounded.

Photos via flickr/ NASA

via BBC

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