Review: Aukey Quad USB Port Car Charger

I road tested a neat little USB port charger in my car to see if it performed better than my existing charger to charge all my mobile devices.

I invariably need to charge things when I'm out on the road. My aged satnav needs to be permanently connected to the cigarette lighter. I drive a ten year old Holden Monaro (imported into the US as a Pontiac GTO). It has no fancy extras like USB ports or built in satnavs.

Review: Aukey Quad USB Port Car Charger ZDNet Eileen Brown
Eileen Brown

I use a four port cigarette lighter adaptor and plug my bits and pieces into that. I have two USB cables to charge my phones. The BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy S4 never complain about the charge. My Lumia 1520 always reports that it is charging slowly when I plug it into the adaptor.

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This charger is an Aukey "AllPower CC-01 48W input, 9.6A output, four USB port car charger".

Aukey call this a smart charger. It is light too, at 1.51 ounces and comes in either white or black colour options.

It will automatically recognise your mobile device and deliver an appropriate charge. It is protected from over charging and has short-circuit protection.

I plugged the Aukey USB charger into my existing cigarette lighter four port hub and attached the same cable to my Lumia 1520 -- which immediately started to charge normally.

I plugged the cable from the Lumia back into the USB cigarette connector and back in to the hub.

Once again, the Lumia complained about charging slowly. That convinced me about this charger.

The Quad USB port charger has been in the car ever since and has not given me any trouble. It is a neat little charger that does exactly what it says on the box. It definitely gets my vote.

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