Review: EasyAcc USB Charging dock

Would I like to try out a USB charger that charges at different voltages across my various devices, is fast, light and unobtrusive? Yes please.

The EasyAcc multiple charging dock solves the perennial problem in the office. Where can I plug in yet another device to charge? I do not have enough unused power sockets to plug in all my peripherals.

Review of EasyAcc USB Charging dock ZDNet
Eileen Brown

The product offers fast charging speeds across a range of devices. Two smart ports delivering 2.4 Amps, automatically detect the current that is required by each device being charged, providing the fastest and steadiest current to all of the devices.

There is a blue light on the top of the unit to indicate power to the charger. A sloping stand lets me rest my phone whilst it charges so I can still see the display.

Review of EasyAcc USB Charging dock ZDNet
Eileen Brown

This dock has four USB posts and a stand for me to rest my Lumia 1520 Windows Phone whilst it is being charged. Two of the ports, labelled "Super", deliver 2.4 Amps each and the other two labelled "universal" ports each deliver 1.0 Amps.

The total power output stands at 5V, 6 Amps which is enough for my Galaxy S4 Android device, my Windows Phone and a couple of external battery chargers at the same time. The only mess on the desk is caused by the long cables that were supplied with my phones.

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Due to the form factor, my Lumia will only rest in landscape orientation as the charging cable gets in the way of the base.

The card insert in the box tells me that EasyAcc is "committed to providing practical, easy-to-use products as well as exceptional customer service".

It certainly hits the mark with its ease of use. I had no reason to call customer service.

So what did I think of this unit? After all it is "only" a four port USB charging dock. Usually after I review hardware, the items are normally placed back into their boxes ready to return.

This dock has been removed from the office, brought home, and is now sitting on the kitchen counter where it is in constant use. It will not be going back in the box until it is time for it to go.

This is a great little product and a surprise win for me.

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