Review of the Week, April 21-25

Alan Sugar ended a week of odd rumours suggesting he would sell his Viglen PC company by telling Sun readers to vote Labour.

Speaking of odd bedfellows, Software Warehouse head honcho Steve Bennett was one of the many who said he didn't have the cash for Viglen. The same week he kicked off his own Northwood PC company with a press conference at Regents Park Zoo. Too early to say if it will fly like a North American Bald Eagle or do something more dodo-like.

MSN got its mail back up Monday but it would have been quicker to have sent that message with a postage stamp.

First prices of Pentium II systems whispered out. In a word: K6 very fast, cheap-ish; PII better but pricey.

USB is almost ready... again. Very useful but FireWire looks more fun. Peaceful co-existence on high-end desktops next year?

Comdex came. London's not Las Vegas and Comdex UK is nothing like Comdex Fall. Not a good turn out, not a good show.

Intel and AMD buried the hatchet and this time it wasn't in each other. Fire and fury signifying nothing. Twas ever thus when the millionaire lawyers line up against each other.

Notebooks the size of suitcases. That's what Compaq thinks 14.1-inch screens will lead to. Everyone else is getting set. Who cares so long as they don't weigh a ton?

Biggest joke of the week? What do you call a PC that's not PC? A NetPC. Net much different to a normal PC as far as the final spec looked.