Scannable for Evernote iOS: A simple, seamless tool

Evernote keeps upping its game with added products, and Scannable is great for business.

Scanned receipt (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

Evernote is a great repository for information due to the many ways users can capture it into the app. The Evernote company is always looking for added value and its new Scannable app certainly qualifies.

Scannable is a free app currently available for the iPhone and iPad that snaps photos of documents. That alone is not unique, but the app makes scanning documents as easy as shaking a selfie with a stick.

It will scan documents of any size in seconds. Set the receipt, business card, or full page document on a flat surface and hold the iPhone or iPad (with Scannable running) over the paper. In seconds Scannable snaps the image as it can automatically determine what in the viewfinder is the document and what is the background.

Scanned documents can be shared via the standard iOS methods. This is a particularly good way to quickly and easily get information into Evernote.

When Scannable determines that the image it scanned is a business card, it connects to LinkedIn to get information about the contact. You need a LinkedIn Premium account to get the full contact info, but some info is provided with a free account.

Business card info (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

Scannable for Evernote is an amazingly simple app that has great value. Capturing important information couldn't be easier, and getting it into Evernote is seamless. The integration with LinkedIn when scanning business cards makes Scannable a good tool for the professional.

Scannable for Evernote is free in the Apple App Store.