Revisiting recent hacks with Kevin Jones of Thycotic Software (podcast)

Kickstarter, Snapchat, Target, Neiman-Marcus, and other high profile companies have fallen victim to malicious hacks. Kevin Jones of Thycotic Software and I discuss the implications and solutions.

Kevin Jones, Senior Information Security Engineer for Thycotic Software, and I discuss what's happened recently with all the hacks and attacks on commercial and social networking sites, what you can do about it, and what Thycotic Software can do for you and your company. We touch on mobile security, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Coin (the digital credit card), Kickstarter, Target, Snapchat, and other similar hacks.

Kevin's background: 

Over the last seven years, Kevin Jones has specialized in a variety of cybersecurity initiatives in the privileged management space. As Senior Information Security Engineer for Thycotic Software, Kevin brings a deep understanding of cryptography and cryptographic systems as well as advanced threat modeling to the design and implementation of enterprise security software. A Microsoft MVP, Kevin has been a featured presenter at numerous IT and security events including IANS Forums, ISSA, ISACA and software development clinics.

Thycotic Software makes IT management software tools including Secret Server,  Password Reset Server, and  Group Management Server. Over 98,000 System Administrators worldwide trust our privileged password management software. We are committed to developing intelligent and affordable software that is intuitive and simple to install. Thycotic's products solve problems common to nearly every IT department. From securely managing administrative passwords to enabling end-users to reset their own passwords, we remove annoyances found in daily IT management. Our software helps IT administrators spend less time fighting technology and more time getting things done.

Podcast details:

Length: 23:54 minutes. Format: MP3. Rating: G for all audiences.

Interview with Thycotic Software's Kevin Jones.

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