Revolution Analytics launches open source R support

AdviseR is a real-time technical support program for users of the R programming language, offering troubleshooting and general assistance.

Revolution Analytics, commercial providers of open source R software, announced Monday the launch of AdviseR, a real-time technical support program for users of the R programming language. 

While the open source R community is itself a forum for users to ask questions and receive advice from community members, no formal, individualized support program has been established for the community.

AdviseR's $795 annual subscription will land users assistance with all aspects of R usage, such as troubleshooting, problem resolution, function advice or just general guidance on using the R language.

Leading the new open source community group is Revolution's newly minted chief community officer David Smith, who formerly held the marketing VP position with the company.

Smith noted R's progression from being a niche language used primarily in academia to becoming one of the fastest growing data science languages, with more than two million R users globally.

"Open source R has been growing so rapidly over the years, faster than any other data science language," Smith said. "We already have experience providing support services through our existing software lines and we have teams in place all over the world able to provide more service, so we saw an opportunity to help."

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