RightScale launches free cloud comparison tool

The comparison tool compares service level agreements, application services, certifications and various odds and ends for the four largest public cloud providers.

RightScale on Thursday launched a free public cloud comparison tool for enterprise buying decisions.

The tool could come in handy as enterprises increasingly mix and match public cloud providers for compute, storage and offloading workloads.

RightScale provides a self service portal, a cloud management suite and analytics for cost forecasts to optimize. RightScale's comparison tool will be linked to its services as well as separate.

For now, RightScale is comparing the big four hyperscale cloud providers---AWS, Microsoft's Azure, Google and IBM's SoftLayer. The comparison tool from RightScale compares basic services such as virtual machine size, service level agreements, operating system support as well as core, database and additional services.

RightScale also tracks certifications, countries and various application services ranging from machine learning to stream processing to the Internet of things.

Here's a screenshot.