RightScale launches software appliance to manage more infrastructure

RightScale makes a move to run any cloud, virtual machine and server. The target: Hybrid data centers.

RightScale has launched a cloud appliance that will allow it to apply its management platform to any cloud, hypervisor or virtualized infrastructure.

The move gives RightScale an avenue to better target hybrid environments as well as data centers that have a bevy of computing resources. RightScale is aiming to provide one view of inventory, workloads, provisioning, automation and reporting in one dashboard.

RightScale started managing Amazon Web Services and then expanded to the ranks of Microsoft's Azure, Google and IBM's SoftLayer as well as OpenStack and VMware's vSphere.

Now RightScale's platform is using a software called Universal Cloud Appliance to manage servers, virtual machines and clouds. As a result, RightScale's platform can manage KVM and Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization and clouds such as vCloud Air and Digital Ocean.

RightScale's appliance is a software tool that can be downloaded to any server that is connected to computing resources. Here's a look where the Universal Cloud Appliance fits in the RightScale mix.