RIM keeps quiet on 4G LTE PlayBook UK release date

There may well be a new 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook winging its way to Canada and the US, but will it ever make it to the UK?

Research In Motion has announced that it will be launching its 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook in Canada on 9 August.

While the device will be available in other countries — in the US, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, according to RIM — a spokesman for the company said it could not confirm whether the 4G PlayBook would make its way to the UK.

RIM has announced a 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook (pictured: a first-gen PlayBook). Image credit: Ben Woods

"We aren't confirming which countries in Europe we'll be bringing it to yet," the spokesman said. "There is no rollout schedule for Europe yet."

The device is essentially the same as the first-generation BlackBerry PlayBook but comes with the addition of a SIM slot for connecting to high-speed data networks.

The spokesman also confirmed there would be no other hardware changes in the device.

An added complication to the introduction of the 4G device in the UK is the repeated delays to any large-scale rollout of 4G technology, which is now not expected to take place until the end of next year.

The spectrum auctions that will pave the way for the introduction of 4G LTE services in the UK are scheduled to begin before the end of this year, and are expected to conclude in early 2013.


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