RIM rolls out PlayBook OS 2.0: Too little too late

RIM's latest OS for the PlayBook brings built-in email and calendar features to the device.

Research in Motion rolled out its BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 in a move that brings built-in email and calendaring to its beleaguered tablet.

The fact that RIM is trumpeting built in email and calendaring as its best PlayBook 2.0 feature illustrates how behind the company has become. After all, RIM is known for its email and calendar and these features should have landed a year ago.

What remains to be seen is whether the PlayBook OS 2.0 can breathe life into RIM's tablet. It's probably a bit late in the game even if RIM keeps prices low. On the bright side, RIM's release of the PlayBook OS highlights that the company can keep a schedule and is developing the base for what will anchor its superphone strategy.

Among the key features:

  • Built-in email and calendar. A social hub integrates contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • BlackBerry Bridge, which will allow you to use the BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control for the PlayBook.
  • A feature called Open On, which allows you to transfer documents and photos from the BlackBerry to the PlayBook with one click.
  • Android apps in the PlayBook store.

I---like a lot of PlayBook owners---will dust the device off to give the PlayBook OS 2.0 a try.