RIM speaks on PlayBook's future

Product manager Alex Kinsella hints at the company's release plans and faces questions on how the lack of 4G in Britain fits in with RIM's strategy for the BlackBerry tablet.

Research In Motion has yet to deliver its BlackBerry PlayBook, a standalone Wi-Fi connected tablet announced in September, into buyers' hands. But the company still took the opportunity of CES 2011 in January to unveil its plans for the second wave of PlayBooks, which include a 4G version bound for the US.

However, high-speed 4G networks--also known as LTE--are not expected to be up and running in the United Kingdom until at least 2015 due to operators' narrow profit margins and the infrastructure costs required for the new technology.

Given this time lag, ZDNet Asia's sister site ZDNet UK caught up with senior product manager Alex Kinsella at CES in Las Vegas to discuss RIM's tablet plans closer to home, and to find out what the company expects to gain for the PlayBook from its acquisition in December of user interface design and integration specialists The Astonishing Tribe.

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