Rimini rolls out cloud services, aims to bridge hybrid IT

Rimini Street rolled out a services designed to mix, match and migrate legacy SAP and Oracle applications with cloud tools from the likes of Workday and Salesforce.

Rimini Street, a third party support provider for Oracle and SAP customers, launched an integration service for companies looking to meld their existing enterprise applications with cloud software.

The effort, called Cloud Services, is designed to help enterprises integrate SAP and Oracle licenses and packages with wares from companies like Salesforce and Workday. Rimini is also aiming to use its new services effort to migrate customers to the cloud over time.

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Rimini's service could be well received. For instance, Rimini's customer base is looking to extend applications such as Business Suite and Business Objects from SAP and Oracle's Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Hyperion as long as possible with better maintenance terms. Ultimately, these customers could migrate to the cloud, but for the foreseeable future Rimini can be a bridge in a hybrid environment.

Under Rimini's Cloud Services, the company will integrate front end cloud systems such as Salesforce while keeping parts of Siebel. Ditto for Workday, PeopleSoft and SAP implementations.

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Rimini said customers can use savings from third party support to fund cloud implementations, be more flexible and run stable core systems for at least 15 years after switching away from Oracle and SAP maintenance. For Rimini, another benefit is that it builds a revenue bridge to more dynamic enterprise systems and can become more of an integration and services player.

The Rimini services effort caps a busy week for the company. Among other odds and ends launched by Rimini:

  • Technology support services that guarantee a minimum of 15 years of support for Oracle and SAP applications.
  • A proxy server that will solve compatibility issues between Oracle and SAP releases for older and future browsers.
  • A COBOL compiler for PeopleSoft.

Those aforementioned items come with no additional costs for current Rimini customers.