Rimini Street's latest gambit: Even faster SLAs

The third-party maintenance provider is now guaranteeing 15-minute response times for priority one issues.
Written by Chris Kanaracus, Contributor

Rimini Street has made a value case for its third-party software support services in multiple ways, including the 50 percent savings they say SAP and Oracle customers will enjoy compared to vendor maintenance, as well as a pledge that services will be rendered by engineers with at least 15 years of experience.

The company has also offered a 30-minute guaranteed SLA (service level agreement) for priority 1 support requests. Now it is going further, announcing that all existing and new customers will receive a guaranteed 15-minute response time for P1 cases and a 30-minute SLA on priority 2 cases.

Rimini's offer could give it a further edge in luring SAP and Oracle customers over to its service, particularly in new markets around the world. By way of comparison, both Oracle's and SAP's support policies offer a 1-hour response time to priority 1 requests, and neither make any discussion of that response time being guaranteed.

Rimini now offers support services in 90 countries, has 781 employees and saw Q2 revenue rise 41 percent year-over-year to $39.1 million, a growth rate that suggests strongly customers and prospects no longer view the long-running copyright infringement lawsuit Rimini faced from Oracle as a specter of risk.

Rimini also closed a $125 million funding round in Q2 and brought its customer count to more than 1,450, including 130 Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies.

Of course, one question for Rimini going forward will be how well it manages its growth and is able to continue hiring enough highly-experienced support engineers to meet these more stringent SLAs.

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