RIM's PlayBook 2 could come with 10-inch screen, white exterior

With a 10-inch screen, white exterior, and thinner bezel, RIM's PlayBook 2 may turn out to be the Apple product BlackBerry stalwarts have always wanted.

High up on the lengthy list of complaints about RIM's ill-fated BlackBerry Playbook is the device's relatively paltry size. That the PlayBook's 7-inch screen size is actually a selling point of the device is inconsequential, because if the most recent set of rumors is true, RIM plans on increasing it in the device's follow-up.

That's not the only improvement, of course. Other speculation points to the PlayBooks larger successor possessing a ivory exterior (hey, it worked for Apple), thinner bezel, and SIM card slot.

What about software? According to rumors, the PlayBook's QNX OS will be updated in time for the PlayBook 2's release, offering native e-mail and calendar apps, and a BlackBerry Bridge-less tethering system. Which makes the PlayBook 2 exactly what the original PlayBook should have been.

The current rumors point to a holiday 2011 release date, which seems sort of sudden considering the original PlayBook was just released in April. Perhaps RIM is just as eager to forget about the PlayBook as the rest of us.

[Via N4BB]


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