Ring expands home security lineup with Floodlight Cam

Ring Doorbell users now have another option to expand their home security system.


Ring's latest product is a floodlight for the outside of your home, equipped with a motion activated camera, speaker, and microphone.

The $249 floodlight uses the same wiring current outdoor lights use, and connects to your home's Wi-Fi network for remote monitoring.

According to Ring, the majority of homes have a floodlight, although they're often ignored when triggered - and are of no use when no one is home.

Ring's Floodlight Cam will turn on, send an alert to the owner's mobile device, and begin recording video when motion is detected. A user can then use his or her device to talk to whoever is in their yard or driveway, sound an alarm, and pulse the floodlight's lights to attract attention should they find a bad guy.

Instead of trying to persuade customers to install standalone cameras, running power, and putting holes into the exterior of a home, Ring's products are primarily designed to replace and enhance traditional household accessories, as the company first did with the Ring Doorbell.

Ring's Stick Up Cam, despite being a standalone camera, has the added option of receiving power from a small solar panel, instead of relying on complex wiring.

Preorders for the Floodlight Cam start today on Ring.com.

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