RiverMeadow speeds migration of server loads to cloud

The four-year-old company has created an automated service for moving virtual, physical and cloud-based applications from one environment to another more quickly.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

A whole ecosystem of IT services companies has been created to handle cloud infrastructure development and migration projects (that's the subject matter of the Next-Gen Partner blog here on ZDNet). But there are also automated services emerging to handle this task. One example is the RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS, which recently was released in version 2.0.

The platform was developed with the express function of moving physical, virtual or cloud-based server loads from one environment to another in an automated, methodical fashion. It can handle moves from on-premises infrastructure into the cloud OR from cloud-to-cloud, as the situation requires. It handles the move at the operating system level, and currently supports vCloud loads (with CloudStack and OpenStack support due in a few weeks), said Mark Shirman, CEO of RiverMeadow, which is based in San Jose, Calif.

Most of the loads that companies are moving today are centered on databases, email and content management. "This allows a small company to do away with the manual effort," Shirman said. "We can do dozens if not hundreds in a day."

Businesses pay per project at a cost of approximately $200 to $300 per server for a successful migration, he said.

RiverMeadow announced a partnership with technology distributor Arrow this week, which will include the RiverMeadow service as part of its ArrowSphere cloud services platform.

That means, in turn, that VARs and other technology solution providers that work with Arrow will have access to the platform on behalf of their customers. "Adding RiverMeadow to our solutions portfolio strengthens our leading position in the cloud market and provides our solution provider community with a tool to automate the migration of applications into the cloud," said Jim Livingston, vice president of services for Arrow's enterprise computing solutions business in North America.

Other strategic RiverMeadow partners include Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Citrix, CoreSite, Ericsson, HP Cloud Services, Peak Colo, Savvis and VMware. 

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