Romney could become world's richest head of government

The U.S. Republican candidate would make the wealthiest oil state leaders look like paupers.

Image via Flickr / Austen Hufford

In the U.S. presidential election, Republican candidate Mitt Romney's extreme wealth has been scrutinized and attacked by political opponents. Is it really that unique? After all, many world leaders enjoy extreme wealth. But according to a list recently put together by The Guardian, Romney is slated to become the world's richest head of government if he wins this election.

Right now the title goes to Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei. The Sultan can thank oil for his large fortune, which is estimated at $20 billion. King Bhumibol of Thailand's net worth is greater, according to a 2011 Forbes list of richest royals, but he's not a political leader.

Mitt Romney's wealth far surpasses both of them, however. His campaign says his net worth is between $190 and $250 million, thanks to his business career and private equity firm Bain Capital.

As for his opponent? Forbes reports Obama's worth just $6 million, measly in comparison.

[via The Guardian]

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