Roozz responds

Roozz's Jesper Thomsen commented on the post "Roozz enters the application virtualization race."

Jesper Thomsen, of Roozz, wanted to respond to my recently published post, Roozz enters the application virtualization race. Here are his comments:

Having read through the article, there are a couple of things I would like to clarify:

  1. supports all browsers in the market
  2. Our focus today is adding more Windows application however there are plans under way to make our platform cross platform compatible - including tablets.
  3. Where we are different from other companies in this space, is that we focus strictly on offering Windows desktop applications to end users on a rental basis. We have a number of publishers on our platform already allowing users to now rent their application and run it in the browser. This is an entirely new offering that - to the best of our knowledge - no one else has today.

Jesper went on to say "We now have close to 100 titles in a number of segments within software and games and above 450,000 downloads of our plugin.