Roundup: CES heralds new techno-culture

With Gates, McNealy, Benhamou and Glaser presiding, the Consumer Electronics Show rolls out in-car computers, faster processors and gadgets galore

If the worldwide awareness of the millennium bug wasn't enough to convince you we've evolved into a techno culture, then the stardom of Bill Gates, Scott McNealy and Eric Benhamou at the Consumer Electronics Show should: Their stature there symbolically underscores, yet again, just how mainstream and how ubiquitous information technologies have become. TiVo lands 'Blockbuster' deal
Mon, 10th Jan 2000 Sony new TiVo player: Bigger, cheaper
Mon, 10th Jan 2000 Taking digital music beyond the PC
Mon, 10th Jan 2000 Sun, MS duke it out over digital home
Mon, 10th Jan 2000 I-Jam's MP3 frenzy
Sun, 09th Jan 2000 Microsoft: Stay connected all the time
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Electronics giants back memory card standard
Sat, 08th Jan 2000 Yet more DVD to go from Panasonic
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 AOL offers first peek at TV service
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Sun's McNealy speaks too soon
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 3Com CEO touts Palm, phone ties
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Best Buy's bid for consumer electronics
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Sanyo demonstrates innovative 3D display
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 MiniDisc mania from Sony
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Sony unveils new year DVD lineup
Fri, 07th Jan 2000 Gates to CES: Less is more - for MS, too
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 Pansonic unveils in-car DVD-Audio
Thu, 06th Jan 2000 CES: It's the triumph of the nerds
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 Gates: Convergence means more - of everything
Thu, 06th Jan 2000 Gates: MS, Barnes & Noble have e-book deal
Thu, 06th Jan 2000 800MHz Athlon storms CES
Thu, 06th Jan 2000 Compaq unveils streamlined PC models
Wed, 05th Jan 2000 Intel lines up with Linux
Wed, 05th Jan 2000 Intel getting inside consumer apps
Wed, 05th Jan 2000 Mobile, home computing to find CES spotlight
Wed, 05th Jan 2000 Gates to preview the 'Microsoft home' at show
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