Roundup: Full coverage of the Vista launch

From Bill Gates's appearance in London to the protests from the Green Party, we bring you all the details of the launch of Microsoft Vista

After years of work, months of anticipation and plenty of criticism from the sidelines, Microsoft finally launched its Vista operating system to the public on Tuesday.

The launch took place at the British Library, where Bill Gates insisted that Vista delivered effective security. Gates also donated a rare notebook belonging to Leonardo da Vinci to the British Library. He told the audience that he is "so excited to see what people will do with this new software".

But while Microsoft won plenty of headlines around the world with the launch, it has also been condemned by the Green Party, which predicts a mass dumping of old PCs as people find they need new hardware to run Vista. With Kaspersky Labs also criticising Vista's security protection, it's clear that Vista will be high on the tech news agenda for many months.