RSA moves to replace SecurID tokens for customers

The company has said it will replace its SecurID tokens for nearly all of its customers following a security breach in March
Written by Luke Hopewell, Contributor on

RSA is set to replace almost all of its SecurID tokens, the company has revealed, following a breach of its authentication products in March.

Executive chairman of RSA, Art Coviello, told The Wall Street Journal that the company will replace the SecurID tokens "for virtually every customer we have", following the news that breached SecurID tokens were involved in the thwarted attack on US-based defence contractor, Lockheed Martin.

In an open letter to customers, Coviello said that the company was confident its previous advice to customers would keep them safe, but it recognised that attacks might have reduced customers' "overall risk tolerance". Therefore, RSA had decided to extend its token replacement and remediation programme, as Coviello explained: "We are expanding our security remediation programme to reinforce customers' trust in RSA SecurID tokens and in their overall security posture."

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