Rugged Software Organization: Improving Software Quality and Security

Get on the rugged software bandwagon!
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My colleague Josh Corman, Research Director of 451 Research's Enterprise Security Practice; David Rice, Executive Director - The Monterey Group and Jeff Williams (bio),  CEO - Aspect Security and Chairman - The OWASP Foundation just launched the Rugged Software organization. The hope is to educate IT and business professionals and improve the quality of software and also improve overall security.

The Rugged Software Manifesto

  • I am rugged... and more importantly, my code is rugged.
  • I recognize that software has become a foundation of our modern world.
  • I recognize the awesome responsibility that comes with this foundational role.
  • I recognize that my code will be used in ways I cannot anticipate, in ways it was not designed, and for longer than it was ever intended.
  • I recognize that my code will be attacked by talented and persistent adversaries who threaten our physical, economic, and national security.
  • I recognize these things - and I choose to be rugged.
  • I am rugged because I refuse to be a source of vulnerability or weakness.
  • I am rugged because I assure my code will support its mission.
  • I am rugged because my code can face these challenges and persist in spite of them.
  • I am rugged, not because it is easy, but because it is necessary... and I am up for the challenge.

Interested in learning more or helping making the world of IT more rugged? Please visit http://www.ruggedsoftware.org/

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