Running of the drones

How quad-rotor helicopter drones could help you get in shape.

Drones get a bad rap, from spying on you to being captured by Iran, they're always in the news as war machines or evil spies. But there are friendly drones too. Take Joggobot for example. Need a running buddy? Joggobot can help!

The drone watches the runners shirt - which has a set of brightly colored patterns on it. When it sees the pattern, it takes off and hovers in front of the runner. You can program Joggobot to keep a certain pace, or simply fly a certain distance away from you at all times. Afraid to run alone? Here's your buddy! Want to keep a steady pace, Joggobot will get you in shape for that local 5k!

The developers of Joggobot are still trying to figure out exactly what people want from the robot. ""How will people interact with a robotic exercise companion? Should the robot be more like a coach or more like a pet?" designer Floyd Mueller asked New Scientist. No word on whether the drone will also shout encouraging cheers as you run.

See, not all drones are evil. Some just want to help you get into shape for swim suit season.

Via: New Scientist

Image: Boston Public Library / Wikimedia Commons

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