Rupert Goodwins' Diary 30.11.2001

Thursday 29/11/2001Party season! And off we go to Shh...

Thursday 29/11/2001

Party season! And off we go to Shh... -- previously the Voodoo Lounge -- in London's glittering West End for a glittering party with glittering Mitsubishi. And, said the PR, there'd be a brand-new Trium phone for you to take away and play with afterwards. Coo.

The party fills up. The PR reappears. We might not have enough for everyone, she says, so you'll have to find us and ask for one. Various pals from ZDNet also appear, and I pass on the Secret Message. Their little eyes light up, and off they scamper.

The party winds down. I make my excuses to leave, find a PR and... oh, no, sorry, ZDNet's allocation has all gone. Those various pals have already had it away with the phones, and I'm left clutching an empty Budvar bottle.

They say that no good turn goes unpunished. Ho, ho, bleedin' ho.