Rupert Goodwins' Diary


Psion Series 5 day! Delighted to find before the press conference that the company has set up the Web pages for the new PDA, and although it hasn't linked them in they're easy to find by poking around. Get a quick blast out on PC Daily News before anyone else. Then we ambush Guy Kewney as he arrives from the press conference clutching one of the beasts: we shackle him to his desk until he produces the first review - again, as far as we know, anywhere in the world.

Wonderful, this Web stuff! Think it'll catch on?


One of the great things about this job is meeting famous people. I know one's supposed to be journalistically objective, but anyone who claims to be unaffected by schmoozing at a party with Bill Gates (only once, a long time ago. I'm sure he remembers) or chatting with Tim Berners-Lee about Web design is having a wee porky-fest.

Today, I get to talk to Arthur C. Clarke in Sri Lanka. OK, so he's over there and I'm in Pimlico, but the principle's sound. A boyhood hero. I can still remember the impact Childhood's End made on a young Goodwins; I'll never be able to talk to Asimov or Philip Dick, at least in this universe, but the inventor of the geosynchronous satellite and the creator of 2001 is on the line right now.

Only he's not. Indian accents say 'He's not in