Rupert Goodwins' diary

Friday 16/02/2001It's been a hard week. I need some cheering up.

16/02/2001 It's been a hard week. I need some cheering up. You need some cheering up. And thank goodness, Microsoft rides to the rescue. Yes! It's ISA Server 2000, where the ISA stands for Internet Security and Acceleration. Microsoft, it seems, is parlaying its worldwide reputation for solid security, efficient code and rock-solid stability into a product that offers more of what Microsoft does best. A Microsoft firewall. Roll it around the tongue. Savour it. Imagine unwrapping one and plugging it in. Of course, it may be a fine product. Let us not let petty prejudice and sneering jealousy colour our judgement. No, it's no good. I can barely type for the fun of it. If we get one, I'll let you know how it goes. To have your say online click on TalkBack and go to the ZDNet forums.