Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Monday 11/06/2001Once upon a time it made you rich and cool. Now it makes you poor and pitiable.

11/06/2001 Once upon a time it made you rich and cool. Now it makes you poor and pitiable. So why bother? Such thinking must be uppermost in the minds of many a small web site owner. It's possible to be upbeat about this in a Darwinian way, reasoning that many web sites are a waste of perfectly good electrons, but it's still very sad when the likes of and Feed go down. Assuming you never went there -- chances are you didn't -- you missed out. Feed was dedicated to discussing big ideas in culture and science, while Suck mercilessly extracted the michael from the industry, politics, its readers, itself... anything that swam into its barrel, really. The hallmark of both sites was relentless intelligence and good humour, and there's nowhere near enough of either out there. It's very frustrating. There are getting on for half a billion people on the Net now -- the biggest single market that the world has ever seen. Ideas can be delivered instantly. Is there really not enough interest out there to keep good things like Suck and Feed going? I can't believe that for a second. I won't believe it. Therefore, it ain't so. What's going on? Answers on an email please...


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