Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Monday 21/04/2003Happy Easter! Tuesday 22/04/2003Meanwhile, over in Santa Clara, the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference is underway.

Monday 21/04/2003
Happy Easter!

Tuesday 22/04/2003
Meanwhile, over in Santa Clara, the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference is underway. The usual suspects are there -- Howard Rheingold, Alan Kay, Mitch Kapor -- as well as this year's models, Craig Silverstein, director of tech at Google. And the usual subjects are under discussion: social software, wireless technology, nanotech. Alas, such high-powered minds come at a price -- even were I able to get across for the gig, I'm unlikely to be able to afford to get into a place that happily advertises "Save up to $455 on registration." Fortunately, the revolution will be blogged, so I can live the thrill vicariously. I watch avidly from across the pond as the mighty brains swing into action and the troops on the ground poise fingers above wireless enabled laptop to report their every word. Alas! The technology rises up and revolts! Urgent messages spew across the ether. "be very careful that when you're configuring your card, that YOU DO NOT CREATE an ad-hoc WiFi network called 'oreilly'!" It seems that careless configuration was knocking people off the wireless network, and at one point a user counted no fewer than three identically named 802.11b networks battling it out for users in one room alone. "Sounds like a regular goat-rodeo," commented LoveGravy on Shame I missed it. It must have been a very Darwinian way to promote emerging technologies.


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