Ryanair charges pilots for jobs

Send us £50 and we'll read your CV...
Written by John Oates, Contributor

Send us £50 and we'll read your CV...

Cut price airline Ryanair has outraged pilots by asking applicants for flying jobs to include a £50 'administration' fee for the privilege of posting their CVs on its insecure website. Pilots must include credit card numbers along with detailed descriptions of their flying experience - even though the page offers no security or encryption. A statement on the site reads: "Don't ring, don't fax, don't post, don't drop off, this is the only way an application will be processed." Once Ryanair has received the application, the process gets even more expensive. Another fee of £50 is payable to cover expenses connected to the interview. Finally, a charge of £150 is levied for the flight simulator test - if you get that far. Applicants have no choice but to post all their private career details and credit card to an unprotected website. Ryanair is removing all existing details from its database, and will now only consider new - and paid for - applications. A spokesman for the British Airline Pilots Association said: "We're a go-ahead union and operate at the frontiers of technology. If Ryanair had discussed this with us we would have told them of the danger of using an insecure site. The £50 charge is just petty." Kenneth De Spiegeleire, manager of security assessment services at Internet Security Services, said: "Sending information by email without encryption is not safe. With the Data Protection Act now in force, the IT director could be held personally, and I do mean personally, responsible." Readers of pprune.org - an online community for professional pilots - reacted with outrage to the news. It was described as "arrogant", and "a total insult", by readers. Ryanair was unavailable for comment at the time of publishing.
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