SA Budget a win for health, police, and emergency services

The South Australian government's 2013-14 Budget has a focus on overhauling a number of IT systems across the government, with a focus on health, police, and emergency services.

The South Australian government has pledged millions of dollars across the government to overhaul IT systems, with a good portion of the funding targeted at health, police, and emergency services.

In the Budget delivered yesterday, SA Premier and Treasurer Jay Weatherill indicated that AU$26.2 million of the total AU$101.3 million will be invested this year in a new Enterprise Patient Administration System for e-health records in all metropolitan hospitals, GP Plus centres, and two country general hospitals.

Weatherill also revealed that AU$6.4 million will be set aside over four years for an upgrade to the SA Computer Aided Dispatch system, which integrates the Triple Zero Call system with police, fire, and ambulance dispatch systems for a more rapid dispatch time.

"The extra resources for SACAD reinforces our commitment to South Australia being one of the safest places in the world to live and work," he said.

There was also AU$3.5 million for police in the Budget for handheld computers, a portable fingerprint system, and an automated numberplate recognition system.

A total of AU$10.3 million was also set aside over the four years for IT systems for the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Office for Public Integrity.

This includes AU$3.7 million for the implementation of the system, and AU$6.6 million for support, maintenance, and surveillance activities.

"Our ICAC should have the resources it needs to conduct its investigations in the most thorough way possible," Weatherill said.

Attorney-General John Rau said that the IT systems for the Office of Public Integrity would give it a "first-class complaints management system".

Other spending in the Budget is outlined below.

  • AU$1.4 million has been outlined for IT changes to ensure compliance with new legislation to support the operations of the Fine Enforcement and Recovery Unit. The SA Civil and Administrative Tribunal has also received AU$1.4 million for IT changes.

  • The SA Country Fire Authority will receive AU$15 million, which will in part go to new IT equipment and telecommunications equipment. SA Fire and Emergency Services will get AU$7.5 million, and SA State Emergency Service will get AU$3.9 million for the same purpose.

  • AU$64 million will go in this Budget to the continued overhaul of the SA Government Radio Network, which is due to be completed in 2015.

  • AU$250,000 has been set aside for the emergency information warning system.

  • AU$5.4 million in this Budget will go to the implementation of the new StateNet Core Network and consolidation of the central data network.

  • AU$1.04 million in 2013-14 will be spent on IT changes to ensure compliance with new legislation to support the operations of the Fine Enforcement and Recovery Unit.

  • AU$1.4 million for IT changes, including a new case management system for the SA civil and administrative tribunal.

  • Land Services Business Reform gets AU$5 million for new IT systems, and the retirement of legacy systems for land titling and valuation and information delivery.

  • AU$344,000 for an upgrade to the liquor licensing IT system.

  • AU$234,000 for computer equipment for the Attorney-General's Department.

  • Courts will receive AU$500,000 for IT system upgrades for fine enforcement.

  • Public Transport will receive AU$1.6 million for IT upgrades.

  • AU$1.5 million will be spent to enhance IT for the National Electronic Conveyancing System.

  • The Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Transport will receive AU$500,000 for new IT equipment.

  • AU$415,000 will be spent to support the Parliamentary IT and Support Network.

  • AU$310,000 will be spent on an IT system to process early intervention orders relating to domestic violence cases.


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