Salesforce adds analytics tools to Salesforce1 Mobile App

Starting this month, Salesforce is connecting its mobile platform to open charting libraries and plans to allow drill-down capable dashboards on phones.

Salesforce on Thursday launched new mobile reports and dashboard for its Salesforce1 Mobile App customers in a move to step up its analytics.


The general theme from Salesforce is that business data should be available in the field and allow customers to run their companies from a phone. Salesforce has pushed hard into mobile data and apps and has courted developers.

Anna Rosenman, director of analytics at Salesforce, said it's critical that the company's wares be accessed through mobile devices, which are overtaking the desktop as the primary computing tool in 2014.

To date, Salesforce's focus has been on building the mobile ecosystem. Now the company is bolstering functionality. The dream case for Salesforce is enabling the ability to close big deals and offer better service from a phone or tablet.

Salesforce will deliver standard dashboards, but allow customization from customers. Individuals, such as a sales person, can also customize dashboards beyond. "You never want to restrict the end user's ability to innovate, but want to give them a starting place," said Todd Enders, senior director of analytics at Salesforce.


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Reports have been available, but Salesforce is building out tools. Salesforce said it has put its dashboards into one interface as well as the following:

  • Access into Salesforce's CRM and custom reporting. Salesforce1 Mobile Reports & Dashboards will allow drilldowns into the underlying data and records.
  • The company added reporting and dashboard application programming interfaces so developers can integrate Salesforce1 with apps throughout the company.
  • Visualization tools from third-party chart libraries are also available inside the dashboards. Google Charts, D3.js, CanvasJS, Chart.js, HighCharts JS and RGraph can be plugged into the reporting and dashboard tools.
  • Charts and contextual information can be easily embedded into records from the field.

Drill down capabilities will be available on the Salesforce1 Mobile App this month as well as the APIs needed to embed charts. Sharing dashboards will be available in the second half of 2014.