Marketing Cloud updated to look closer at buyer behavior

This week's updates follows up ​two major additions this spring to another major cornerstone of the Salesforce portfolio, Sales Cloud. introduced the latest version of its cornerstone Marketing Cloud on Wednesday with a finer tuned focus on buyer behavior.

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The CRM giant is suggesting how to get this done through some additions to its upgraded Journey Builder tool for mapping customer experiences and engagement.

The service will now include event and activity triggers available for a number of different objects (i.e. contacts, leads, accounts and cases), which marketers can program and then get alerts about different customer behaviors across multiple channels.

For example, marketers can automate responses and outreach to customers immediately when an event trigger, such as joining a loyalty program or downloading an app, is activated.

Sales and marketing professionals can also widen the net while still keeping closer tabs on consumers with Active Audiences, a service that synchronizes with CRM data with the goal of running more relevant ads when deploying digital marketing campaigns.

The latest iteration of Active Audiences can now tap into CRM data and run ads across more than 100 digital advertising networks and technologies.

This week's updates follows up two major additions this spring to another major pillar of the Salesforce portfolio, Sales Cloud.

Engagement Studio and Sales Cloud Engage were made possible by Salesforce Pardot, which derives from the San Francisco-headquartered company's landmark $2.5 billion acquisition of ExactTarget in 2013. ExactTarget itself bought up Pardot in 2012.

ExactTarget has since become the backbone of Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, streamlining the cloud giant's social media revolution strategy while the company paves the way for its Internet of Things-minded platform, Salesforce1.