upgrades Chatter, plots HTML5 app

In a bid to connect its product lineup into the social enterprise, adds features to Chatter and launches an HTML5 app. on Wednesday will announce new Chatter features such as screen sharing, customer groups and that aim to extend its collaboration reach. In addition, is launching an HTML5 app that ports existing applications and data to tablets.

The news, to be announced by CEO Marc Benioff in his Dreamforce keynote kick-off, is designed to position the company as a social enterprise leader. Al Falcione, vice president of product marketing at, said Chatter will add profiles, status updates, app updates and file and screen sharing.

In the grand scheme of the social enterprise, is looking to link social networks, customer profiles and create product networks. Meanwhile, is looking to channel all of its properties into a social enterprise bucket.

Those Chatter features, along with data from other tools, will also feed into an HTML5 app that's designed to bring the company's services to touch screen. In a nutshell, an HTML5 browser sucks corporate data, apps, Chatter and other tools---and plays them. Falcione said the HTML5 approach was taken to ensure that the app works on any device.

Here's a tour of the HTML5 app.