Salesforce embeds Wave Analytics across its clouds

Salesforce is bringing its Wave Analytics Cloud tools across its platform and bringing more independent software vendors into the fold.

Salesforce on Monday said its analytics visualization tools are available across its entire platform as the company aims to open up its Analytics Cloud more to third party software developers and customers.

The company, which announced the news as its Dreamforce customer powwow kicks off in San Francisco, said it will provide its analytics visualization tools "at the point of insight." The general idea is to deliver analytics, intelligence and Wave graphics within dashboards so users can react quickly.

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Salesforce customers will be able to create custom Wave actions to create cases, assign tasks and update accounts across its platform. Wave is also integrated within Salesforce's App Cloud, which was outlined last week. The move comes as Salesforce connects its various clouds with its Analytics Cloud, which is the company's best shot to reach a broad base of users.


Anna Rosenman, senior director of product marketing for Salesforce's Wave Analytics Cloud, said in an interview that analytics should be about discovery. "With visualizations and analytics apps we want the Wave platform to be about discovery of a new opportunity without having to jump into another record," said Rosenman. "We eliminated the need to hover across different systems and get lost."

The Wave reports deliver real-time dashboards with simple graphics, including the following:

Reports and dashboards under Salesforce's new Lightning user interface. Wave visualizations will take metrics such as team performance, lead volume and conversion rates and present them in easy-to-understand charts.

Embedded dashboards. Customers can embed any Wave dashboard into a Salesforce record or object so performance metrics and trends can be pulled together from multiple records.


In addition, Salesforce is working with other software vendors to provide Wave Wave Analytics Apps. At Dreamforce, 13 independent software vendors such as Apttus, SteelBrick, Vlocity and FinancialForce will outline pilot Wave Analytics Apps to cover processes such as quote-to-cash, revenue and cash position, churn rates, call-times and supply chain and financial data.

"We're bringing analytics to more places," said Rosenman.