Salesforce launches $100 million dedicated fund for internet of things

The CRM giant is generating momentum for its global cloud ecosystem with a new venture capital fund.

If there is any inkling that the internet of things movement and connected devices needs some extra nudging (or funding), is planning to fuel and fund some innovators on its own.

Read this adds Jawbone, Oculus Rift, smart devices to wearables platform adds Jawbone, Oculus Rift, smart devices to wearables platform has added a plethora of new devices to its growing wearables cloud platform, including the Jawbone fitness tracker and Epson's smart glasses.

Salesforce Ventures, the venture capital arm of the San Francisco-headquarted corporation, is launching a new $100 million investment fund for businesses building new mobile apps and connected products tapping into the Salesforce1 platform.

Salesforce1 is the foundation for Salesforce's internet of things (or "Internet of Customers," in the case of the CRM giant) strategy. It was first unveiled at Dreamforce 2013 last November .

The platform taps into Salesforce's cornerstone Sales and Service Clouds, the AppExchange, and the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the last of which has been branded one of Salesforce's most prominent takeovers to date .

Salesforce1 offers businesses with a zoomed-in view on each individual customer, which in turn should enable these companies to deliver personalized content across all channels and devices. Some of the most prominent customers already tapping into Salesforce1 include Facebook and Microsoft.

As for the Salesforce1 fund, the first wave of investments already includes DocuSign, and, among others.

With Dreamforce 2014 just around the corner this October, more Salesforce1 updates and announcements should follow soon.

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