Salesforce launches Wave for Big Data, broadens ecosystem

Salesforce forges partnerships with the likes of Google, Hortonworks, Cloudera and New Relic to add more data to Wave and its Analytics Cloud.


Salesforce on Thursday launched Salesforce Wave for Big Data as well as partnerships with Google, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Informatica, Trifacta and New Relic.

The company sees its Analytics Cloud as paving the way for future growth and bringing Salesforce to more business executives.

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By adding big data leaders to its Wave ecosystem, Salesforce's Analytics Cloud will have more data repositories to tap into.

Salesforce's aim with the Analytics Cloud is to tap into sales, service and marketing as well as unstructured and structured data in enterprise systems and Hadoop repositories.

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As for the partnerships, Google will hook up Wave to its Cloud Platform to better link click stream and app usage data to customer information. Adam Massey, director of Google's cloud ecosystem, said Wave has the potential to bring data from things like connected devices to a broader audience.

Cloudera and Hortonworks will also provide links to Wave. New Relic will also connect its software analytics platform to Wave.

Informatica and Trifacta will provide the bridges between data and back-end enterprise systems.

The partners said that Wave could serve as a front end and aggregator for big data. Salesforce said it has more than 80 partners in its Analytics Cloud ecosystem.