Salesforce opens first European data centre in the UK

Salesforce has opened its first European data center in the United Kindom, one of three new establishments planned over the next year.

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Salesforce has opened its first European data center, located in the United Kingdom.

In an announcement made Friday, the San Francisco-based firm said the data center will support a growing number of clients in the European region as companies continue to spend more on cloud computing services. The firm said the global shift to the cloud "has opened the door to new and exciting social and mobile technologies," and by expanding the company's data center network, Salesforce can capitalize on growing enterprise demand.

Salesforce's new UK center is one of three planned in Europe. In September , Salesforce announced a series of deals inked to build data centers in the UK, France and Germany in 2015. At the time, the IT service provider said the new centers are a necessary component in the firm's global strategy, and are required to support a growing number of European clients.

Andrew Lawson, SVP for the UK and Ireland at Salesforce commented:

"The opening of Salesforce’s first European Data Centre underscores our commitment to customers and partners in the UK. The new data centre will support the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in the region and further accelerates the adoption of cloud, social and mobile technologies, empowering U.K. companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way."

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Salesforce intends to eventually power 100 percent of its data center operations with renewable energy, which supports the company's sustainability goals.

In addition to opening three new data centers, the cloud services provider plans to establish new headquarter offices in France and the UK, add a new office in Berlin and create an additional 500 jobs across Europe during 2015.

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