Salesforce sees initial app burst with Salesforce1 platform

Salesforce said that it saw a 96 percent increase in Salesforce1 mobile app active users and a 46 percent increase in custom mobile app usage, but more data is needed to really gauge momentum. said that it is seeing an initial pop in Salesforce1, its new platform, and mobile applications being built on it.

The early data on Salesforce1 comes as CEO Marc Benioff and the company hold a customer powwow in New York City. Salesforce said that it saw a 96 percent increase in Salesforce1 mobile app active users and a 46 percent increase in custom mobile app usage in the first month the new platform launched.



Salesforce1 is the company's effort to future proof enterprises social, cloud computing, mobile and the Internet of things all blend together to create new touch points for customers.  

Let's roll the footnotes:

Footnotes: [1] 96% increase in active users of Salesforce1 refers to the increase in single users, who have logged on to Salesforce1 at least once in November, as compared to the number of Chatter Mobile active users, who logged on at least once, in the month of October 2013.

[2] 46% increase in active users of custom mobile apps built on the Salesforce1 Customer Platform refers the increase in single users of custom mobile apps built on Salesforce1 in November 2013, as compared to mobile apps built on in October 2013.

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While the data is encouraging, it doesn't say too much. Salesforce1 only had data from October to November and didn't have December tallied yet, said Michael Peachey, senior director of solutions and product marketing at Salesforce.

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In addition, Salesforce wouldn't provide growth rates for mobile active users and custom apps before Salesforce1 launched. In any case, Peachey noted that mobile app active users on Salesforce weren't growing at the clip they are now. The company cited the following data points to show Salesforce1 had momentum:

  • 250 partners have committed to delivering Salesforce1 apps on AppExchange.
  • Apps optimized for Salesforce1 have doubled.
  • Design Within Reach, Fisher & Paykel and Valspar have moved to Salesforce1. 
  • Visualforce pages and custom actions have been a win for customers.

Peachey added that Salesforce is collecting feedback on what needs to be added to Salesforce1. Generically speaking, customers are requesting more objects to be included to flag sales and service opportunities.

"We're gathering feedback and plan to iterate quickly," said Peachey.