​Salesforce steps up industry focus, launches Health Cloud

Salesforce is aiming to hook into the electronic medical record market to be a front end for patient data.

Salesforce on Wednesday said that it will launch Health Cloud, an effort that will take the company into electronic health records.


The game for Salesforce is to expand into new industries with a customer based focus. Salesforce launched a human resources effort that views employees more like customers. The company also recently outlined its financial services cloud services.

With its Health Cloud, Salesforce is trying to be the front end system for medical providers to manage patient relationships and bring electronic medical records, wearable data and other information together in one dashboard.

In many respects, Salesforce's move into healthcare isn't all that surprising. If patients are truly treated like customers and digital natives are looking to integrate wearable health data, Salesforce may look like an option to physicians.

The catch is that health care is a splintered market with multiple electronic record systems already in place.

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According to Salesforce, the Health Cloud, which is in preview now with general availability in February, includes:

A dashboard to track patients and their conditions and medications. Data from wearables, medical devices and other sources can be integrated. Salesforce is using a timeline view to show aggregate the information.

Alerts for issues, refills and other health care chores. Salesforce Chatter integration aims to make the process more social.

Communities for care coordinators and health care providers.

Compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

Salesforce is also planning to integrate with other health care system providers such as Epic, Cerner and GE. System integrators and healthcare companies are helping Salesforce design features.

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