Salesforce updates Analytics Cloud with raw data imports, dashboard designer

Salesforce has updated its Analytics Cloud with the aim of adding more mobile editing and charting tools.

Salesforce on Thursday updated its Analytics Cloud with new dashboards and the ability to import new data sources. The company also launched a free version of the Analytics Cloud as a test run.

The Analytics Cloud was launched four months ago as a way to make data crunching more accessible from mobile devices. Salesforce touted the user interface and ability to play around with data to garner insights.

With the update to the Analytic Cloud, Salesforce is adding the following tools to its Wave Platform, which powers the tool:

  • A mobile connector that will allow users to import a raw data file into the mobile app. The Wave Mobile Connector will also be an add-on for Excel for desktop customers.
  • A dashboard designer that will enable the creation of charts and graphs from any data source on a smartphone.
  • Wave links, which allows users to embed links into a Salesforce record or custom object to an Analytics Cloud visualization.

The features will be available in March. Analytics Cloud will be updated roughly three times a year.

Anna Rosenman, director of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, wouldn't say how many Analytics Cloud users there are. Salesforce is in a quiet period ahead of earnings next week. Among the key features, the Wave connector could be handy given the ability to import spreadsheets and get graphs on a phone.

"It's hard to get a lot out of a spreadsheet on a phone. A 4-inch or 5-inch screen won't get you far," said Rosenman.

Here's a look at a few screens of the net features.