Salesforce updates Chatter, optimizes for Android, iOS

New Chatter services coming up highlighted the social business system's role as a backbone of Salesforce's stack. officially rolled out its latest version of Chatter, an enterprise social networking system, with mobile updates that make it available on Android and iOS devices.

The company's aim was to Chatter available to all mobile devices as part of its customer relationship management push. Salesforce's update comes just as the company is largely downshifting from its social enterprise pitch to focus on enabling companies to revolve around customers.

Despite the shift in messaging and strategy, it was clear from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff's talk a few weeks ago that Chatter still plays a big role. In fact, a preview of new services coming up highlighted Chatter's role as a backbone of Salesforce's stack.





The updated Chatter includes:

  • The ability to access customer accounts, campaigns, cases, apps and opportunities with real-time updates on mobile devices.
  • Customers can create and edit information with a new publisher tool. Create and edit record functions will be available in the second half of the year.
  • Find actionable information via the Chatter feeds.

Salesforce said Chatter is optimized natively for Android and iOS devices and available with all editions.