Salesforce Winter 15 adding strength to authentication services

The company is unveiling an option for developers to add extra strength and intelligence to the login process with policies, second-factor authentication and other techniques.


Salesforce Monday will add new capabilities to its identity services that allow developers to add features such as two-factor authentication or policies that govern user behavior.

Login Flows, a new option added in the Winter 15 release of, lets developers customize logins by invoking additional business processes. The option extends the “flow” of the login process beyond a user name and password where additional controls can be added via applications Salesforce hopes partners will build.

The announcement will coincide with Monday’s opening of the company’s annual Dreamforce conference. A session outlining the new feature is listed in the conference agenda for Monday afternoon at 4pm.

Login Flows is the second identity and access management capability the company has added in the past year. S alesforce Identity was introdcued in late 2013 to improve the company's identity services via standards-based identity protocols and support for multiple devices. The move was as answer to the fact IT security was moving beyond the firewall.

With the on-going breach epidemic, Login Flows is the next step in locking down the Salesforce environment. The feature will work with Salesforce, Communities and Salesforce1.

Login Flows builds on the capabilities Salesforce Identity provides. Features built on Login Flows will augment various types of authentication, including username/password, single sign-on based on the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and social network credentials.

For example, a user could log on to Salesforce with a Google credential, but before gaining access to the platform the user would be diverted to a Login Flows process that might define a set of usage policies and check if the user is compliant. Or the flow process could ask for additional identity verification depending on the type of data the user wants to access.

If those requirements are satisfied, only then would the user gain access to Salesforce.

On Monday, Itzik Koren a senior product manager at Salesforce, will introduce Login Flows during his 4 pm “Customizing User Authentication with Login Flows” session.

He will focus on two-factor authentication using both a hardware and software token. Login Flows applications, however, are not restricted to just authentication.

Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce Conference kicks off today in San Francisco and runs through Thursday.  The company has other major announcements up its virtual sleeve , including a new analytics engine .