Salesforce's master plan through fiscal 2022 by the numbers

Salesforce's growth for the years ahead are pegged to multi-cloud customers as well as add ons to core services. Here's a look at the core figures.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce is projecting fiscal 2022 annual revenue of $21 billion to $22 billion as it increasingly sells add-ons to core products and gains wallet share from enterprise use multiple clouds from the company.

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Mark Hawkins, president and CFO of Salesforce, said the company is in "execution mode" on its long-term vision. Much of that vision revolves around multi-cloud customers. Hawkins said:

Multicloud is a very, very unique capability and advantage that we have, and it's really an advantage to pay attention to. You've never seen this data before. This is 100% of all the paying customers we have, all 150,000-plus paying customers. And 38% of them are multicloud, which tells me a very encouraging bit of news, which means that 62% are not. And the reason that's particularly encouraging is when you go to multicloud, you spend 10x as much. This will power durable growth for years to come.

Here's a look at the company by the numbers.

$21 billion to $23 billion: Fiscal 2022 revenue target

$13.17 billion: Fiscal 2019 guidance

20 percent: Projected compound annual growth rate fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2022

$140 billion: Total addressable market based on Salesforce's product segments


34 percent: Portion of second quarter fiscal 2019 revenue attributed to Sales Cloud with 30 percent attributed to Service Cloud.

30 percent to 800 percent: Second quarter annualized revenue growth for add-ons to core products.


38 percent: Percent of customers that use multiple Salesforce clouds

92 percent: Percentage of revenue from multi-cloud customers

40: Customers in fiscal 2019 paying Salesforce more than $20 million a year


33,000: Number of Salesforce employees


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