Samsung adds Google monthly security patch level data to Galaxy phones

The Android security patch information found in Android 6.0 is now part of Android 5.1.1 for certain Samsung phones, helping users know if they have the latest security updates on their phone.

It's now easier to see if Samsung is keeping its promise of pushing monthly security updates to some Galaxy handsets: There's a new settings indicator that shows the phone's current Android security patch level.

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Android Central spotted the information that appears on both a recently updated Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge, both of which are running on Android 5.1.1, or the Lollipop version of Google's mobile platform.

I've seen the same on non-Samsung devices running Android 6.0 so it may be standard for phones and tablets running on the Marshmallow version.

To see the last time your device received a monthly patch, just tap Settings, About Phone and scroll down.

That's where you'll find an "Android security patch level" label with a date that represents the last security software patch on a Galaxy Note 5 or 6S Edge in certain countries.

Google took a stronger stance to get phones patched beginning in August, when it announced the monthly security updates that would be made available to Nexus phones and for all Android hardware partners to incorporate into devices and software. Samsung - as well as LG - quickly followed suit by committing to releasing those updates "about once per month."

The security strategy took shape after the Stagefright bug was found to potentially affect nearly 95 percent of all Google Android devices around the world.

The continued support for security patches now with more transparency is a good one for Samsung and its user-based without such an indicator, people may be left wondering if their handsets are up to snuff when fending off the latest exploits, hacks and malware that can affect Android.